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1.4sNothing. Bitch.
2.07sSo, have you seen Ghostbusters?
2.77sSave your breath, geekwad. I'm here with my boyfriend.
3.6sYou mean that quintessentially '80s guy with his collar turned up all the way?
1.77sAre you hitting on my girlfriend?
1.7sNo, no, I was just being friendly.
3.8sI will kick your ass anytime, anywhere.
2.37sOkay, how about top of the World Trade Center,
2.74sthe morning of September 11th, 2001, 8:00 a.m.?
2.27sI'll be there. You think I'll forget, but I won't.
2.5s(BOTH MOANING) That was nice.
1.33sI'll say.
1.73sPeter, is that... Are you...
1.13sMolly Ringwald?
1.8sYeah. How's it going?
2.2sWow, you're the biggest star in the world right now. What are you doing here?
2.24sOh, I like to hook up with random bar guys.
2.17sLucky for me, huh?
1.84sNo, a hobby's good.
1.6sAll right, Peter, your time's up.
1.44sOh, man, already?
1.03sYup, come on.
4.7s(GROANING) Good to meet you, Molly. I'll be back later for your career.