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5.11sI see those ivory lies in sweet Rosita's eyes
6.34sGonna leave them both behind when we Tomaso all night
1.3sHi, Peter.
2.4sI'm really looking forward to the movie tonight.
1.94sPeter and I are going to see Zapped.
5.07sI figured Scott Baio was androgynous enough that we could both fantasize about him, and no one would be gay.
3.37sLois, we got the rest of our lives for me to not hear a word you just said,
1.17sbut tonight, I got plans with Cleveland.
2.47sBut we had a date.
1.07sI would eat your poo.
3.37sRADIO ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for President Ronald Reagan's weekly radio address.
3.84sRonald Reagan? The actor? He's President?
1.34sPeter, you're the one from the future.
1.37sYou should know... Ah, forget it.
3.64sOh, you've got to hear this new Eddie Murphy cassette I bought.
2.13sEDDIE MURPHY: Hey, did you ever have a barbecue?