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2.3sWhat I wouldn't give to be 18 again,
1.7slike those kids on spring break.
1.7sGrim news from Daytona, Florida,
4.3swhere the remains of three female college students were found near a local nightclub.
4.54sReports suggest that all three were violated sexually before being brutally murdered.
3.04sOh, man, see that? Everybody's getting laid but me.
1.37sBAR PATRON: Oh, come on!
1.97sHang on, I'll fix it.
3.24sOh, my God, is he dead? I think he might be dead!
3.8sOh, did you hear that? Noah Wyle here thinks he might be dead.
3.67sStep aside, junior. Nope, he's just knocked out.
1.9sDamn, I drove all the way out here.
2.1sI had to cancel another appointment.
2.3sI never like to be too far away from Mike Wallace.
2.9sHey, Death, I got a favor to ask you.
3.14sCould you let me go back in time and be 18 again?