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2.87sSir, this is a class two plutonium fissure reactor.
2.12sIf I turn this dial,
3.9sthe resulting blast would destroy the entire tri-city area,
5.81sincluding that guy who sells those Blu-Blocker sunglasses people sometimes wear.
1.6sDamn him to hell.
1.65sYou can't be serious.
2.09sAre you prepared to take that chance?
2.35sOkay, okay. Here's all the money I've got.
8.36sNot so fast. I also want some dribble glasses, fake boobs, two of Bart's T-shirts and that rapping toilet seat.
2.32sYo, yo, yo Keep it on the low flow
2.84s(CHUCKLING) I'm hanging this over the mantle.
1.4sThanks, Dad.
4.5sWell, I'm just glad we're back to me being the father and you being the son.