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5.34sMAN: In the year 105,105
2.92sIf man is still alive
2.6sIf robot can survive
3.64sThey may find
3.94sIn the year 252,525
3.44sThe backwards time machine still won't have arrived
3.94sIn all the world there's only one technology
4.04sA rusty sword for practicing proctology
3.44sIn a future year that ends with a 20
4.19sA shlubby merman's gonna try to get chummy
3.53sHe may look like a watery wimp
4sWhen in fact he's a bloodthirsty shrimp
3.79sIn the year one million and a half
3.84sHumankind is enslaved by giraffe
3.7sMan must pay for all his misdeeds