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6.76sLINDA: We interrupt Hypnotoad On Ice to bring you breaking coverage of the disaster at Hedonismbot's bachelor party.
9.98s(ALL GASP) Linda, what began as innocent fun ended in tragedy tonight when a nuclear-powered robot stripper suffered a catastrophic reactor meltdown.
2.15sThere is only one survivor.
3.04sEverywhere I looked, there were piles of bodies.
1.73sAnd then the explosion struck.
3.85sThe three co-workers I liked, all dead!
3.52sFry stood me up and died? I'm so angry!
4.37sI mean, I'm so sad! But I'm still pretty angry!
3.04sBut also sad. Can I be both?
1.35sIt's what he'd want.
2.37sThen that's what I am! (SHOUTS)
2.1sMan, the future is a total craphole,
3.3sand whoever lives here is a crap-faced sack of crap!