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3.17sWow, that'll be the nicest place I've ever been stood up.
1.1sNot this time.
2.65sNo matter what happens, I swear I'll be there.
3.05sGuys, guys! Hedonismbot is finally gonna settle down,
2.22sand marry a nice house in the suburbs!
5.42sBut tonight, he's having the girls-gone-wildest bachelor party of all time!
4.24s(WHOOPING) Who cares? I'm having dinner with Leela.
1.97sJust go to your stupid party.
2.65sWe can have dinner on my birthday some other year.
3.07sNo! I can throw up on a stripper anytime.
3.64sTonight, I want to not throw up on you.
1.02sYour loss.
2.85sHey, Professor, you're my wingman!
3.62sVery well. Cubert, fetch my drinking teeth.