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1.87sMr. Pewterschmidt? Hey, how you been?
1.27sNot good.
2.87sI'm sorry to hear that. Wow! A limo, huh?
1.97sHey, are these Diet Rites just to take?
2.34sNo! Those are my Diet Rites!
1.07sNow, listen, Griffin.
2.34sThanks to your dog's stupid marijuana crusade,
4.64speople are using hemp for everything: fabric, fuel and paper.
2.97sWhich means I'm losing billions in timber dollars.
1.7sI had to sell my Bangles records.
2.57sI was still working on memorizing all the words.
4.8sMy back is hurting from the chair I'm sitting on Where's the Tylenol?
5.97sIf I lay down flat on the floor it usually kind of fixes it Tony Danza from Who's the Boss?
8.54sSays, "A-oh, a-oh, oh-a, oh-a-oh!" I'm losing money, and it's your dog's fault.
1.8sNow, I have to get hemp illegalized again,
5.41sand the only way to do that is to start a fear campaign designed to turn people against pot.
1.7sWill you help me?
2.64sGosh, Mr. Pewterschmidt, I could never go against Brian like that.