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1.5sHow's the weather look, Ollie?
1.3sNot too bad.
1.5sRight on.
2.73sSee, Lois? Tell me things in Quahog aren't better now.
1.47sIt's just weird, Brian.
2.44sI still don't think I'm comfortable with the whole idea.
2.3sLook, Lois, ever since marijuana was legalized,
4.37scrime has gone down, productivity is up, and ratings for Doctor Who are through the roof.
3.94sYeah. But Peter's so baked lately he can hardly set up a cutaway.
4.44sMan! This is even better than... No, wait.
4.47sNo, this is worse than... Better... I don't know.
2.04sHere's a list of celebrities I don't like.