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2.64sHey, let's take a man-sized poop in his cat box,
1.94sso he thinks there's something really wrong with him.
1.43sThere it is!
1.2sRock 'n' roll!
3.04sYeah, shaving time. All right, hand me the razor.
2.13s(MEOWS IN PAIN) Oh, my God!
1.37sPeter, you killed it!
2.67sWill you guys relax? He's got eight more lives.
1.97sOkay, seven more lives.
4.24sSix. Five. Four. Three.
1.1sPeter, stop doing what you're doing.
1.07sWhat do we do?
1.53sAll right. All right. I have an idea.
2.67sHow about we hide the cat's body and leave that window open?
1.93sAnd that way it'll seem like the cat ran away.
1.5sWe'll never get away with that!
5.14sOh, we just might. You see, I've got a lucky cat's foot.
8.51s(TIRES SCREECHING) You know, Peter, it's sort of adding insult to injury raiding Quagmire's fridge for beer after you killed his cat.