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2.27sNow I need to find another little brother.
2.54sAnd I need to find another big brother.
2.62sMy car's gonna feel so empty on the ride home.
3.29sAnd me, I have no ride at all.
3.87sI already bought a giant ham for dinner. It's gonna go to waste.
2.97sDon't talk about food. I'm so hungry.
0.61sWell, good-bye.
1.45sWell, good-bye.
1.7sWait. I've got an idea.
2.07s- An idea? - Huh?
0.5sAnother beer, Dad?
3.07sThanks, son.
2.64sDad, remember when Tom had you in that headlock...
2.07sand you screamed, "I'm a hemophiliac,"
2.07sand when he let you go you kicked him in the back?
1.7sWill you teach me how to do that?
1.8sSure, boy.
2.7sFirst, you gotta shriek like a woman.
3.37sAnd keep sobbing till he turns away in disgust.