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2.24sMarge, not here.
2.25sHey, you're not really arresting me?
1.87sYou have the right to remain silent.
2.18sI choose to waive that right.
1.98sAll right, Simpson, you're free to go.
3.34sLet me just finish this last lobster tail and raspberry torte.
2.94sAll right, Hans, time to go.
1.99sBut he ate my last meal.
3.6sIf that's the worst thing that happens to you today, consider yourself lucky.
3.6sAre you really allowed to execute people at a local jail?
2.13sFrom this point on, no talking.
5.19sI'm sorry I had to arrest you, Homer, but what I did was right.
1.92sSomeday when you really need it, you'll be happy...
1.72sthere are dedicated cops like me out there.
1.94sI have nothing more to say to you, Marge.
3.22sI'm drawing a line down the center of the house À la I love Lucy.
3.59sYou stay on your side, and I'll stay on my side.