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2.37sDon't you get it?
1.87s- They're not, though. - Oh?
3s- But you thought they were. - Yeah.
2.57sThat's why it was so funny. Yeah. It's funny.
3.24sBut they're not. That's a good one.
3.32sAnd that's the drunk tank. And this is Mommy's desk.
2.12sMom, I know your intentions are good,
2.12sbut aren't the police a protective force that maintains...
1.92sthe status quo for the wealthy elite?
2.55sDon't you think we ought to attack the roots of social problems...
2.54sinstead of jamming people into overcrowded prisons?
3.44sLook, Lisa, it's McGriff, the Crime Dog.
2.29sHello, Lisa. Help me bite crime.
2.57sRuff, ruff.
4.64sHey, great news, guys. I picked up a nudie deck for our game.
1.87s"The girls of the Internet."
2.24sOoh, I'd go online with them any day.
2.38sOh, hey, we've offended Herman.
2.82sI'm just going out for some fresh air.