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5.86sAnd from that moment on, I knew someday I wanted to be a knight like him.
1.4sAh, Mercy!
2.54sI was once addicted to antihistamines.
2.9sI took so many I thought I was Mr. Peanut.
2.37sYeah, that's a great story, too.
2.7sSO, You all think you got what it takes to be jousters!
2.24sWell, If you're gonna joust, you got to want it!
1.63sLet me hear your war cry!
2.03sIs that the best you got, you pile of crap?
2.87sFrom an early age, my parents discouraged loud noises!
2.34sYou know what you are? You're a candy-ass maggot!
1.33sYou find something funny, maggot?
1sSir, no, sir!
2.12sYou love the Middle Ages, don't you?
0.98sSir, yes, sir!
4.05sThe concept of a geocentric universe gets you sexually excited, doesn't it?
0.92sSir, yes, sir!
4.5sYou want to make 16th century mathematician Johannes Kepler your bitch, don't you?
1.7sSir, yes, sir!
1.48sWelcome, apprentices.
1.73sIt's him.