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0.82sIt means that he'll--
1.48sWhoa, whoa, whoa! Be cool. BE cool.
1.53sYes. You go to Maple Street,
3.37sand then take a left, and then, uh, you go, uh...
1.52sOk, so you want to party or what?
1.1sGet in this car right now!
1.7sIt's eerie, isn't it?
1.57sLike looking into the future.
2.19sForgetful Freddy was so forgetful...
1.85sHow forgetful was he?
5.51sHe was so forgetful, whenever he tried to remember someone's name he drew a blank.
1.74sOh, God! This is all my fault.
2.77sIf I hadn't pushed you so hard to invite Mr. Weed to dinner,
2.44she'd still be alive and you'd still have your job.
1.77sDon't worry, Lois. We'll get through this.
1.77sWe just have to scrimp a little, that's all.
2.03sYou know, Sell some stuff we don't really need.
1.5sThis'll bring in a couple of bucks.
1.89sPeter, please, Listen to me.
1.05sWhen we got married,
2.24syou always talked about your one dream job.