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6.79s"So, her fairy god toilet turned her pumpkin into a fanny "and sent her off to the poop."
3.24sOh, my! How ruthlessly absurd!
3.04sPeter, how was your big presentation at Chris' class?
1.55sIt was a huge waste of time.
1.57sWell, it couldn't have been that bad.
1.27sOh, it was terrible.
3.87sEveryone else there had some big, important job and was way more successful than me.
2.8sHey, Come on, y-y-you have a--you have a great job.
1.93sYeah, y-y-you're doing--
1.6sYou're doing good.
1.42sPeter, if you're not satisfied,
1.43sthen be more assertive.
3.64sInvite Mr. Weed over for dinner and show him what you have to offer the company.
1.9syeah, I guess I could. I just hope it goes ok.
2.13sWe've had some bad luck with dinner guests.
1.7sYou Remember when Margot Kidder was here?
2.58sAh, We loved you in the Superman movies.
1.97sYou were just wonderful.