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3.42sHuh? Oh! Oh, jeez! She walks over here and asks me to put a bird in her panties!
1.78sI'm standing here going, "What the hell."
2.04sOh, God! Peter, play dead!
1.65sCurl up in an ass ball or something!
2.22sHa! Wh-What's the problem, B.K.?
1.8sI don't like you, I don't like your face,
2.08sand I don't like you hanging around my girl!
2.4sI don't ever want to see you here again!
2.13sOk, so we--but we Can see each other outside the Faire, right?
2.37sI mean, i-I'm just trying to understand the rules Here.
2.32sIf I see you again, I'll kill you.
1.55sOk, that's much clearer.
3.1sOh, God! I think I just miscarried!
1.55sPeter, What are you doing?
2.37sI spent hours soldering that costume for you.
2.7sI don't need it anymore, Lois. I quit the team.