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1.75sSo I do.
1.97sI'm gonna go home and get dinner started.
2.07sWho are you talking to?
3.02sNo one, baby. Lucy Liu is the only girl for Bender.
1.77sI love you--
3.79sPlanet Express Ship, is something wrong?
3.54sOh, it's Bender. He's acting so strange lately.
2.79sDo you think he's gonna ask me to marry him?
2.1sUh, no.
3.75sOh. Somebody knows something she's not telling.
3.79sLook, I'm not saying Bender's not great,
4.8sbut have you ever considered that maybe he's, you know, not that great?
2.05sYou're just jealous.
3sNo one loves you 'cause you're tiny and you're made of meat.
3.12sCould you maybe pay a little more attention to these asteroids?
4.14sSorry, Captain Leela. I guess I'm just having one of those manic Mondays.