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4.07sWell, just remember we all still have to work together, so try and let her down easy.
2.1sIn due time, Leela. But for now,
2.77sI'll just resume dating cheap floozies on the side.
2.3sYou have much to teach us.
1.85sDoesn't it bother you even a little...
2.67sto be taking advantage of your girlfriend's trust?
2.8sOh, wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.
2.9sWell, what's it like being a lawyer for the mayor's office...
2.6sand also the world's strongest millionaire?
3.84sWell, baby, for starters, you need to be honest all the time.
2.47sGood evening, Bender. And to your lady friends,