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2.42sYou know you love it, sugar engine.
2.77sWhat's going on in here?
3.24sPlanet Express Ship! Cover your shame.
2.03sOh! It-it's not what it looks like.
3sBender was just helping me zip up my turbine.
2.25sWow, Bender. Are you and the ship an item?
2.17sI mean, I know you're both items, but--
1.92sHow can you date a ship, anyway?
3sIt'd be like me dating a really fat lady and living inside her,
4.84sand she'd be all, like--
3.42sFry, in order for me to get busy at maximum efficiency,
3.87sI need a girl with a big 400-ton bootie.
3.49sBender, dating your coworker and primary mode of transportation...