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3.67sI'm Sheldon, and this is my chief financial officer, Gwen.
3.87sFor 30 years, we've shared the adventure of managing Romanticorp.
3.05sNot to mention the adventure of marriage.
1.9sOh, you have got to be kidding.
2.04sOw! I-- I mean--
2.5sAh! That's so sweet.
2.2sAah! I mean,
4.57sAh! That's so sweet.
4.27sYou know, romance is an important part of our work too.
2.94sRight, everyone? Yeah. Sure.
3.3sDo any of you collect Lovey Bears?
2.42sI do! Kif's given me dozens.
1.77sIs it true what the ad says,
3.42sthat you kiss them together out of blankie cloth and magic buttons?
4.19sNo. It's actually cheaper to genetically engineer real ones.