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1.17sNow before we go--
1.23sNo, don't go.
1.23sOh, princess, we have to.
2.64sI hope you brought your striped pajamas, boys.
3.9s'cause there's a 5-year sleepover at the big house. And you're invited.
1.6sYou'll never take us alive!
2.32sLois and the kids should be in here to see this.
1.65sYes. It's going very well.
3.37sMom, what do you do when you like a boy but he doesn't even notice you?
1.65sMeg loves Kevin.
1.68sShut up, you big sack of dog vomit!
3.75sMeg, you're a sweet, lovely girl. He'll come around.
1.18sSuch a mom answer.
1.93sWell, Have you tried showing off the goods?
2.15sHow's that for a mom answer?
2.14sOh, I saw some cute dresses down the street.
3.17sIf nothing else, it'll make you feel better. Come on, you guys.
1.58sWell, If you want to be a hero,
1.55sright now might be a good time.
1.38sThis isn't what I was expecting.
2.25sI thought being a hero would be all fun and games.