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1.53sYou ain't seen nothin' yet.
2.89sPeter, what's the big rush?
1.33sAll right, you guys wait right here.
2.02sDaddy's gonna make a little withdrawal.
1.62sLEt's Give Tammy a round of applause.
2.64sThis was her first robbery and she was very brave.
1.17sNow before we go--
1.23sNo, don't go.
1.23sOh, princess, we have to.
2.64sI hope you brought your striped pajamas, boys.
3.9s'cause there's a 5-year sleepover at the big house. And you're invited.
1.6sYou'll never take us alive!
2.32sLois and the kids should be in here to see this.
1.65sYes. It's going very well.
3.37sMom, what do you do when you like a boy but he doesn't even notice you?
1.65sMeg loves Kevin.
1.68sShut up, you big sack of dog vomit!