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3.7sHey, I just suggested a line of handi-capable toys, you know,
3.12sto show kids the fun side of being physically challenged!
1.8sOh, yeah. That's what kids want to play with.
1.78sYeah. A Beanie Baby in a bubble.
1.3sWhat about my idea? Come on!
1.8sTootie morphs into a stink bug.
3.37sJoe, you're exactly the kind of man we need at our company.
1.5sPeter, make yourself useful.
1.38sGo get Joe a drink.
2.39sJeez, first he takes my friends. Then he takes my job.
1.93sBut the way I wear my hat...
3.04sNo, no. He can't take that away from me.
3.04sYou! How came you by this metal construct?
1.78sI demand to know who made you!
2.02sStewie, it's not polite to point.
1.43sI'm so sorry.
1.47sThat's ok, Lois.
1.77sHe's just curious about the chair.
4.05sAbout 10 years ago I was investigating a robbery at an orphanagE.
2.92sit was Christmas Eve and some presents had been stolen.
2.59sReach for the sky, dirtbag!