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1.87sIt's an old policemen's recipe.
4.44sEat up, everyone. Tonight my wife won't be the only one enjoying a pig in a blanket.
2.14sJoe, you're so funny.
2.95sAh, They love that one down at the Precinct.
2.64sThis sucks, Brian. Joe is stealing my thunder.
3sHey, everybody! Time to limbo!
1.45sFace it. He's the life of the party.
3.4sOh, Yeah? I'll show you who's the life of the party.
2.87sHey, look! I fell in the pool with my clothes on!
1.77sHow hilarious is that?
2.53sThat is so Peter Griffin. Huh? Guys?
1.02sThat's my idea.
1.1sPeter, come here.
1.92sFinally. A little recognition.
2.03sJoe has the most wonderful idea.
3.7sHey, I just suggested a line of handi-capable toys, you know,
3.12sto show kids the fun side of being physically challenged!
1.8sOh, yeah. That's what kids want to play with.
1.78sYeah. A Beanie Baby in a bubble.
1.3sWhat about my idea? Come on!