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2.77sHo, Ho! See you at the game, Joe. ho, Ho!
1.37sHey, you want a piece of gum?
1.13sOh, Thanks.
1.5sHa ha! That was joke gum.
0.93sWhat do you mean?
1.63sNow you're addicted to heroin.
1.4sI'm cold.
1.15sHey, Peter!
2.32sIt's nice that your family is here, Peter.
1.77sIf your ringer doesn't arrive soon,
2.94syou can spend every day with them at home.
1.35sHe'll be here, Mr. Weed.
1.53sYou should see this guy in action.
0.88sHe can hit, he can throw--
2.45sWhat's he doing in a wheelchair?
2.42sHoly crip, he's a crapple!
5.61sPeter, our new secret weapon is this very attractive paraplegic?
3.1sOk, Joe, you got me. Rise and shine. Come on.
2.03sStand and deliver. Get the hell up.
1.87sYou're a hoot, Peter.
1.22sPlay ball!
0.68sLet's do it!
1.3sI swear I didn't know.
1.88sMaybe they won't hit a lot of balls to him.