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2.64sthat time we planted trees in Jerusalem.
6.17sWhat? Look, all I'm saying is put an Israeli guy next to an Arab guy and I can't tell the difference.
1.62sYou must be Peter. Joe Swanson.
1.5sYeah, yeah. Nice to meet you, Phil.
2.64sYou got a neighbor on the other side of your house, too.
2.08sSo, don't think you always have to bug me.
1.5sI'll keep that in mind.
1.93sSay, do you have a screwdriver I can borrow?
1.82sMan, you neighbors are like viruses.
1.35sStarts with a screwdriver.
4.24sBefore you know it, you're using my supermarket my dry cleaner, and even my postman.
1.5sJeez, Can you believe that guy?
2.4s"Do you have a screwdriver I can borrow?"
0.87sWhat an ass.
2.05sso, Peter, Did you find a replacement for the team?
2sNo. Believe me, I've been looking.
2.28sHideo-san would be honored to play for your team.