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2.23syou've done nothing but wax idiotic!
2.2sI must escape this infernal babble! Ah!
2.17sWhat a little explorer.
1.94sYes. He's so full of wonder.
2.8sOh, To be the Lindbergh baby right about now.
1.73sJoe, you have to meet our new neighbor,
1.48sLois Griffin.
2.27sIt's a pleasure, Lois. Who's the little guy?
1.13sThis is Stewie.
2.7sHoney, say hi to Mr. Swanson.
1.6sYou will bow to ME.
2.6sHi. I'm Meg. I live next door.
3.05sI know. I've admired you in the garden from afar.
1.28sWill you go out with me?
1.18sI'd love to.
1.22sOh, he's gay.
0.88sYou wish!
2.23sGet out of here, you mouth breather!
1.9sI'm as good as fired.
2.45sWhere the hell am I gonna find a guy as strong as Guillermo?
1.73sOne time I walked into the locker room,
3.14sI swear he was bench-pressing Mr. Weed.
2.47sGreat. Lois is getting chummy with the new neighbors.
1.89sI thiNk She wants you to meet them.
1.92sShe's always trying to make me be social.
1.63sCocktail parties, school functions,