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1.2sYou got it.
1.72sWell, you were close, Dad.
3.35sYeah. I still can't believe we missed the phrase, "My hairy aunt."
2.39sCome on, Brian. I gotta get to softball practice.
3.42sPractice? I thought we'd go next door and welcome our new neighbors.
2.3sNo. I don't want anything to do with neighbors.
1.94sLast guy who lived next door borrowed my toaster.
1.98sNever saw it again.
3.2sIf that slut wants full custody of the kids, she's got it.
2.15sPeter, they might be very nice people.
2.65s"Very nice people." Yeah, that's what they always say.
2.2sThen you open up the septic tank and bam!
1.4sSkeleton city!
1.65sOh, Pervert!
1.87sOh, Don't flatter yourself, honey.
1.37sI don't have any sweat glands.
1.95sOk, my happy-go-lucky toy boys,