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0.95sYou are.
2.14sYou're always right there on the couch for us,
2.37smaking us laugh when we're upset.
2.89sChanging the channel when something boring comes on.
3.37sEating the last slice of pizza so the rest of us don't fight over it.
4.4sYeah, Daddy. If you hadn't pulled this stunt I never would've learned how to manipulate Kevin.
2.19sAnd when the kids at school see us on T.V.
1.98sthey'll think you're a total psycho.
3.8sAnd I can say, "That psycho is my dad!"
4.6sI wouldn't have won silver in Nagano, had you not driven me to the ice rink every morning at 6:00 a.m.
3.92sI guess being a hero isn't always about saving lives and catching bad guys.
2.67sIt's also about just being there for the people you love.
2.17sHelp! Someone just stole my purse!
2.28sWho cares? I don't even know you.