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1.15sHe sure gets it.
2sMaybe he's right. We can make a new start.
1.27sOh, Come on, guys.
2.1sDon't let him sweet talk you like that.
1.33sWait. You can't leave now.
1.93sI'm supposed to be the hero here. Wait!
3.3sCan you let me pistol-whip you a couple times for the camera?
4.79sDang, Stupid robbers with your guns and your make-out parties.
1.67sA ha! Excellent!
2.69sThey detached the human component from the machine.
3.74sMachine, I am your new master and I order you to go!
3.54sBlast! Must be some kind of proprietary command system.
2.47sNow on the Russian MiG, it's next to the altimeter.
3.22sThere you are. I can't turn my back on you for a second.
3.42sOh! One day I shall unlock the secret of that device.
2.14sAnd when I do, Mother, victory shall be--
2.13sPeter, you had us so worried.
2.25sWhat on earth were you trying to prove?
2.37sI'm sorry. Joe is a great guy.