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3.29sI can't believe my dad is in there.
2.57sThis'll probably scar me for the rest of my life.
1.72sI got a new dress.
2.35sTry talking about him.
2.5sSo, uh, do you like music?
2.08sYeah! I played guitar in a band before we moved.
2.85sBut it interfered with my studies. What do you listen to?
1.1sYou first.
2.32sI'm into Garbage, Phish, Blur.
2.03sMy parents don't like me listening to that stuff.
3.29sBut I do anyway because I am not a robot!
1.7sI also like Radiohead.
3.49sAnd even though society has turned its back on you,
2.49sI promise you there are people who care.
2.42sAnd you know what? I'm one of them.
1.15sHe sure gets it.
2sMaybe he's right. We can make a new start.
1.27sOh, Come on, guys.
2.1sDon't let him sweet talk you like that.
1.33sWait. You can't leave now.
1.93sI'm supposed to be the hero here. Wait!
3.3sCan you let me pistol-whip you a couple times for the camera?