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4.65sSee, This wheelchair guy moved in next door and he can do all these great things and...
3.47sYour family idolizes the lousy cripple and not you?
1.2sThat's right! How'd you know?
1.97sWe've all been there.
2.47sCool! The bank is getting jacked!
1.7sOfficer, my husband's in there!
1.27sCan you tell me if he's ok?
1.23sWhat's he look like?
2.55sHe's wearing a white- collared shirt,
1.7skind of big, with glasses.
1sI got him.
0.87sOh, thank God.
1.22sTake him out.
1.13sHey, there's my family.
3.9sI just want you to know I rob banks because a deaf man stole my job at the phone company.
2.84sSo if anyone's gonna bust me, I'm glad it's you.
2.25sBut--But I was gonna be a hero.
1.6sNobody's going anywhere!