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2.2sDoctor, is my brother really insane?
2.5sMrs. Griffin, we don't use the word "insane."
2.54sWe prefer the term "mentally hilarious."
1.73sI can't wait to meet the lunatic.
2.37sI bet he's even weirder than that commercial I saw.
2.6sMAN: Hey, is that that new butter substitute? WOMAN: It sure is.
3.9sIs it true it has half the calories of butter or margarine - with all the great taste? Yeah.
1.6s- Can I have some? - Get your own.
1.13sTake that, you bitch!
1.27sWhat the hell?
1.17sHow'd you like that?
2.07sHey, joke's on you. I have hepatitis.
2.8s(GROANING) - Patrick? Yes?
2.97sMy name's Lois. I'm your sister.
1.54sOh, my God, Lois.
1.83sI never thought I'd see you again.
1.6sThese are my children.
2.84sWhy do you live in a crazy house, Uncle Patrick?
2.27sWell, when I was just a little boy,
2.17sI had a very traumatic experience.
2.53sMommy, can I have a drink of water?
2.34s(GASPING) Jackie Gleason!
1.7sBeat it, kid. Your mother's busy.
1.87sGLEASON: Humminah, humminah, humminah, humminah.