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1.5sall the things that make us
1.33slaugh and cry
4.91sHe's a family guy
3sPeter, don't forget you have a physical today at 1:00.
2.17sFor the hundredth time, Lois, I won't forget.
1.33sNag, nag, nag.
4.57sSometimes I think I should have married that woman I met the night of my bachelor party.
2.9sPeter, I can't believe your friends just left you here.
1.07sLet's get you home.
3.1sWow, strange lady. You're so sexy.
3.9sI should marry you tomorrow instead of that pain-in-the-ass Lois.
1.03sPeter, it's me.
1.43sYou know what? Screw it.
2.27sI am so gonna cheat on Lois right now.