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1.8sHuh, that's weird.
2.1sI didn't know you had a brother. I don't.
2.03sI mean, I don't think so.
2.04sHey, if I'm fat, then Stewie's fat, too.
1.57sBecause we wear the same size onesie.
3.74s(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hello, pumpkin. Hello, Daddy?
1.77sDid I miss your piano recital?
2.07sNo, Daddy. I'm in my 40s now.
1.03sGood God!
2sI had a question I wanted to ask.
2.6sUm, do I have a brother?
3.24s(STUTTERING) No, no. Don't be silly.
2s'Cause I found this picture...
2.97sUh, uh... Oh, Dick. Thank God you're here. Talk to her.
2.4sMessage CM-27.
5.6sThe subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable or outside the calling area.
1.1sWhat do you feel like doing later?
2.54sMessage CM-42.
2.94sLet's go pay some hookers to knock our junk around.