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2.27sLois, these are the fat guys. Fat guys, Lois.
2.07sMy God, look at you fat bastards.
2.3sI bet none of you can even find your own penis.
2.67sFind your penis for a dollar. Find your penis, one dollar.
2.37sOne dollar, find your penis. Find your penis here.
1.47sPeter, what's going on?
1.53sLois, my people are in danger.
2.9sUntil they find the Fat Guy Strangler, we will stay...
1.1sVictor, don't lean against that.
2.14s(MEG SCREAMING) Hey, everybody.
1.8sPeter, you gotta get these guys out of here.
1.77sPatrick is the murderer. What?
1.47sYou son of a bitch!
3sDon't listen to Brian. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
2.27sOut of my way, Lois. Your brother is toast.
2.04sWarm buttery toast!
2.83s(ALL MOANING) - That sounds good. I love toast.
1.17sI just found my penis.
1.3sRun, Patrick, run!
1.37sAfter him!
1.7sBoys, to your Rascals!
2.37sHe went into James Woods. Let's spread out and find him.