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5.27sA big, fat Heeb
2.5sGod's real flabby
3.77sWith an ass so wide
3sHis arms look like pillows
4.9sWith cake mix inside
3.17sGod's man-boobs are flabby
4.84sAnd they hurt when he jogs
3.34sAnd the back of God's neck
3sLooks like a pack of
4.44sHot dogs
2.1sAll right, everybody, just make yourselves at home.
2.27sLois, these are the fat guys. Fat guys, Lois.
2.07sMy God, look at you fat bastards.
2.3sI bet none of you can even find your own penis.
2.67sFind your penis for a dollar. Find your penis, one dollar.
2.37sOne dollar, find your penis. Find your penis here.