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2.6sOkay, all right, that's...
3.04sThat's seven 16-ounce steaks.
1.9sCome on, Joe. You haven't even finished one.
1.53sI mean, that guy had two.
1.9sI know, I know, I'm terrible.
2.64sWhich is why I'm gonna order the cheesecake.
2sI can't do it. I'm...
1.4sI'm so full.
1.37sFull of what? Estrogen.
2.44sCome on, take the skirt off, you pansy.
2sLet's go. Chow down, Mary Jane.
1.33sI said, I can't.
1.6s- Eat it. Eat the damn steak. - No.
1.43s- Come on! What are you waiting for? - I can't.
1.43s- Eat it, Joe. Eat it! - No, no, no.
1.77sJoe, eat it! I said I'm not hungry!
2.54sWhere is it now, huh? Where is it now?
2.27sEasy, sailor, easy.
1.77sPut the gun down, Joe.
2.4sYeah. Nobody's judging you, man. It's cool.
2.8sI'll just put this back in your purse next to your tampons.