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1.7sWhose pickle is this?
4.67sThis just in. The body of a local fat man was found murdered in Quahog Park last night.
2.03sPolice released this sketch of the suspect.
1.67sOh, my God!
4.04sPolice also released this sketch of a female accomplice believed to be his wife.
1.7sHello, I'm Tom Tucker.
2.83sQuahog's newest serial killer has struck again.
2.34sSince the first victim at Quahog Park last week,
1.53sthree more men have been killed,
2.3sall of them very, very fat.
1.87sLois, that sketch looks a lot like Patrick.
1.47sOh, that's ridiculous.
1.87sI don't know. I mean, he's clearly crazy.
1.67sLook at that imaginary wife of his.
3.44sWell, if she's imaginary, how do you explain the pickle on the couch?
1.87sI don't understand what...
2.33sOh, wait. What? Really?
1.07sHey, Stewie!
1.9sSTEWIE: I know, I know. I heard!
1.9sWhere have you been?
2.7sOh, it's nothing you need to concern yourself with, Lois.