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2.27s"Life sure was crazy growing up in Brooklyn.
2.4s"We had some real characters in my neighborhood,
1.47s"like Frank the Mailman.
3.47s"'Hey, Mark, the ants for your ant farm came today!' Huh.
2.24s"And my friend Lonny, that knucklehead.
2.47s"'Yo, Marky, let's play some b-ball.'
3.44s"'B-ball.' Ha! Ha! That's what we called it. B-ball.
2.87s"And my grandma. Boy! Was she something else!
3.29s"'Hey, Marky, don't forget to take your cod liver oil.'"
1.08sGreat Job.
2.07sgod, What a piece of self-indulgent crap!
2.2sAll the characters sounded exactly the same.
1.1sGreat show, Mark.
1.63sYeah, You really captured me perfectly.
2.1sMe, too, Marky. You are so talented.
0.77sThat was awful.
3.44sYou know, w-With a little practice, I could act circles around that guy.
1.84sOh, yeah? Well, then put up or shut up.
4.82s"This Thursday, auditions for "the Quahog School of Performing Arts upcoming semester."
1.32sYou should try out.
2sOh, you know, That's not a bad idea, Lois.
2.39sOk, ready for the best acting you've seen all night?
2.07sMark, wow! What a journey!
1.23sThank you so much.