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3.44sAnd Fast-forward. You're an old man now. You're on your deathbed.
1.84sYour son is there, holding your hand.
4.65sYou tell him you accept his lifestyle and regret humiliating him at his only sister's wedding,
2.1sby introducing him as your "other daughter."
1.67sAnd scene.
1.48sOk, any comments?
2.43sYou are the weakest link! Good-bye!
2.03sOh, gosh! That's funny.
2.72sThat's really fun-- D-Do you write your own material?
2.34sDo you? Because that is so fresh.
1.57s"You are the weakest link. Good-bye!"
2.77syou know, i've--I've never heard anyone make that joke before.
1.63sMmm, You're the first.
3.57sI've never heard anyone reference--reference that outside the program before.
2.47sBecause th-That's what she says on the show, right? Isn't it?