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3.69snow You're being born. Ready, and burst through the placenta!
2.37sOk, Now fast-forward. It's your first day of school.
0.98sYou're alone and scared.
1.64sBut it's all right. it's all right. It's sloppy-joe day.
2.72sOk, pull it back. Pull it back. The lady touched the bun and she's not wearing gloves.
1.57sOk, Fast-forward. You're a businessman,
1.7sand you manage a lot of people.
3.74sAnd Here comes Henderson and he lost the big account. You're mad.
1.65sMadder. Madder!
2.75sCome on. Hot, hot, Hot, hot, hot! Ooh, ooh, There it is. You got it.
3.44sAnd Fast-forward. You're an old man now. You're on your deathbed.
1.84sYour son is there, holding your hand.
4.65sYou tell him you accept his lifestyle and regret humiliating him at his only sister's wedding,
2.1sby introducing him as your "other daughter."
1.67sAnd scene.
1.48sOk, any comments?
2.43sYou are the weakest link! Good-bye!
2.03sOh, gosh! That's funny.