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2.23sAnd This is the back yard.
4.14sFeel that? That's premium blue-tip Bermuda. Real hardy, but soft.
0.9sOh! Good lord!
1.67sDon't look directly into it, Lois.
3.13sThe hot dogs and burgers are ready. Can I get you a beer, Peter?
0.88sUh, What do you got?
1.95sI've got Busch.
1.57sOh, And Busch Light.
1.73sAh! Sounds like Jeff's home.
1.72sHey, sport! How'd you do?
1.58sI got first place, Dad.
1.25sWay to go, champ!
3.3sJeff plays varsity tennis for Saint Genevieve High.
1.1sOh, Cool.
1.75sIs this the biggest thing you've ever seen?
3.7sHey, Don't get too cocky. I had a big one like that when I was your age.
2.1sOh, You were a showoff yourself, Dave.
2sHe brought it out on our first date.
0.78sLois, I'm scared.
1.27sOh, I'll get that.
2.2sOh, God! Oh, Dave, sorry! Oh! Oh, God!
2.3sChris, that's enough. I'm sure glad to be out of there!
2.77sYou said it, Lois. What those people are doing just ain't natural!
1.3sDid you hear me, young man?