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2.2sBut, uh, I was also being pretty generous.
2.18sWell, look at you, you little jaybird.
2.5sYou want to tell your mommy and daddy the Griffins are here?
1.35sCome on in!
1.72sWelcome, GriffinS!
1.13sOh, uh,
1.17sWe must be early.
2.52sOh, Nonsense. You're right on time.
3.95sOh, my God! She's got hair growing out of her boobs and up to her head!
2.15sYou're, uh, You're completely...
2.3sNude? Yes. We're nudists.
1.58sPermission to freak out?
1.23sPeter, Did you know about this?
2.17sI--I thought he lost his bathing suit in the ocean.
2.5sSo, you're the man who saved my husband's life.
2.9sDottie Campbell. Oh! What am I doing? Come here!
3.79sWatch my hands, Lois! Look, look! See where they are? See? No touchie!
2.23sAnd This is the back yard.
4.14sFeel that? That's premium blue-tip Bermuda. Real hardy, but soft.
0.9sOh! Good lord!
1.67sDon't look directly into it, Lois.
3.13sThe hot dogs and burgers are ready. Can I get you a beer, Peter?
0.88sUh, What do you got?
1.95sI've got Busch.
1.57sOh, And Busch Light.