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1.08sYour parents invited me.
1.94sMy parents? But they wouldn't--
0.82sYes, we would.
1.8sOh, my God! What are you doing?
3.22sWe were wrong, Meg. If you like Jeff, we should give him a chance.
2.6sYeah, and We wanted him to feel welcome in our home.
2.65sMom, I need new batteries for my Walkman.
2.7sHey! Why is everybody else naked?
1.22sYahtzee! I win!
2.34sIn your face! In your face! in your face!
1.95sUh, I gotta get going. Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin.
1.15sOur pleasure, Jeff.
1.52sNice hanging with you, Jeff.
2.23sI'm sorry about my parents. I hope they didn't embarrass you.
2sAre you kidding? I think they're great!
3.55sIt took a lot of guts for them to do what they did. I'll see you later.
2.17sThanks, you guys. That was really cool.
1.7sHey, Peter. Can I borrow your lawnmower?
1.1sYou folks got a towel?