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2.6sFine. Break my heart again.
2.52sDon't be so hard on yourself, Fry.
1.73sYou lost the woman of your dreams,
1.97sbut you still have Zoidberg.
2.3sYou all still have Zoidberg!
4.84sHow did I do it? How did I get Leela to love me? I've got to figure it out.
2.62sMaybe you're just a fantastic lover, Fry.
1.24sI don't know what I'm doing.
3.09sMaybe she'd come back to you if your best friend Bender were a Globetrotter.
2.1s- What do you say, Bubblegum? - Hell no.
2.46sOh, it's hopeless.
2.75sI did something so great that it won Leela's heart,
2.57sand I'll never ever know what it was.
2.95sMy life is empty.
5.02sZoidberg No wonder we failed to stop the time skips.