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3.92sYou tricked me into marrying you, didn't you? Of course not!
2.65sHow'd you do it? Drugs in the champagne? Hypnosis?
2.15sNo! Drugs are for losers!
2.7sAnd hypnosis is for losers with big weird eyebrows.
3.14sI don't know what amazing thing I did to make you love me,
2.37sbut whatever it was, we're married now.
1.83sWe've got the rest of our lives to work this--
0.63sDivorce is final.
1.99sWell, let's divide up the china.
4.39sI guess I'll take the NFC helmets and you can have the AFC helmets.
2.6sFine. Break my heart again.
2.52sDon't be so hard on yourself, Fry.
1.73sYou lost the woman of your dreams,
1.97sbut you still have Zoidberg.
2.3sYou all still have Zoidberg!