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4.57shundred... thousand... miles.
2.2sNothin' but nebula.
2.12sWe'll have to run some tests back on Earth,
1.88sbut I think we've stopped the time skips.
2.27s- All right! jammin'! - Hooray for Leela!
2.2sAnd what better way to celebrate our success...
4.07sthan by me showing Bubblegum the Globetrotter uniform I made myself?
2.64sLemme see.
1.53sHello, lawsuit.
1.72sLeela, I want you to know...
3.17sI think the way you moved those stars around was really wonderful.
2.1sI got you something.
5.27sModerately priced domestic non-vintage champagne! How did you know?
4.32sYou deserve it. I mean, nobody ever stops to tell you what a great captain you are.
2.92sAw. That is so true and sweet.
1.75sYou're smart, you're beautiful,