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2.85sthey cause these dents, or "time skips."
2.35sYou are so smart.
3sHold up. What if we were to move this cluster of stars...
2.37sto these algebraic coordinates?
2.53sTheir gravity might just divert the chronitons...
2sto the empty side of the universe.
2.49sYeah. But it's impossible.
3.07sMoving stars would require one bad-ass gravity pump.
2.14sAnd we'd need all the money on Earth to build--
0.53sWhat the--
2.32sThere's the funding for your gravity pump.
4.24sBut it damn well better work. We can't spend all of Earth's money every day.
2.2sNow, how long will it take to build?
4.3sIt won't be easy, Nixon. A jim-jam this complex might take months or even--
2.27sAh. There we are.
4.47sOne gravity pump powerful enough to move the stars themselves.
4.14sNow to begin the arduous task of attaching it to the ship so--
2.05sOff you go, apparently.